Zambia Update #045

Posted on 21/07/2018

I arrived back in Lusaka on Saturday 30 June. It was strange to think that I had left the warm temperatures behind in the UK,  and that the weather was actually colder in Zambia.  The days are warm – at least when one is in the sunshine, but the sun doesn’t have the same heat, and by early evening I am glad of a sweater. Today (Saturday), I was at the airstrip early in the morning wearing two sweaters and leggings – and was glad of every layer!!

I spent 3 days in Lusaka before heading up to Chit on 4 July.  Julie-Rachel Elwood from Chit was also down in Lusaka for a few days and each appreciated the other’s company.  The first Monday and Tuesday of July are public holidays in Zambia, and the assembly of believers meeting in the centre of Lusaka, in the hall on the Gt East Road, take the opportunity to hold their annual conference.  It was good to join with them and to profit from the ministry of God’s word. They erect a large marquee in the hall carpark to accommodate the gathering. Believers come from far and near – not just from within Zambia either.  There were visitors from Tanzania, DRC, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Botswana. Robert Armstrong from Cloughfern, N. Ireland was the main speaker; Evaristo Yamboto from Livingstone shared the ministry sessions with him.  Robert took up lessons from the life of Peter and we all benefitted from the devotional and practical ministry.  Evaristo took up the Christian’s attitude to the world and illustrated his ministry with lessons from the life of Lot.  It was a joy to meet old friends and to make new ones too. Carol, my friend from Chit who is studying nursing made it to the Lords Day afternoon session – it was nice to see her again. She had exams starting directly after the holiday and study kept her away from the conference on Monday/Tuesday sadly.

The pictures below show JR and myself with Robert and then another of me, this time with the sisters from Botswana.


We had a good flight to Chit on the Wednesday – perfect flying conditions with a good tailwind to hasten us on our way.  It is good to be back. I spent a day sorting my house and started back at hospital on Thursday – very much business as usual.  The ward is full and there are some interesting patients.  On my first Lord’s day back at Chit, there were the usual meetings in the morning, followed by visitors for lunch. There was no village Gospel meeting that week as there was a funeral in the village we were scheduled to visit.  It was also ‘my’ turn for the Lord’s  Day evening gathering. It was jointly hosted by our three Canadian visitors (from southern Ontario) and myself.  The three girls have been out for a month and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience of working in a rural hospital. They headed home almost two weeks ago. We also have  a visiting surgeon, Dr David Lipsi from S Carolina, US, who has been covering in David McAdam’s absence in the UK. David himself arrived back at Chit just after JR and myself so we had a  full team till Dr Lipsi left earlier today. However, we are missing our Zambian doctor, Mwansa Jere, who has left to take up a research fellowship in the UK after which she is planning to move into public health.


Above, the Canadian girls, all nursing students, L – R, Cassandra, Fiona, Nicole

Farewell to Dr Lipsi (centre) and Janice, another visitor (left) with Dr McAdam on the right

ZESCO, the national electricity supplier is coming to Chit! Don’t hold your breath, however, as there is no date for the arrival of the power, and it is unlikely to make a great deal of difference to us on the station anyway, as our main power source is solar which works well.  When I was last here, numerous trees were being chopped, and now we have a string of tall straight wooden poles adorning the landscape awaiting the fixing of the cables.

I have been able to recommence some of my regular activities, including the weekly Bible study with Christine, my houseworker.   On Thursday night a local sister and myself visited the ladies’ wards once again and village Gospel meetings continue.  It is very encouraging that the local young men in the assembly have kept this outreach going during the Markle’s furlough in Canada.  Last Lord’s Day, we were at the most distant of the villages that we visit, and it is too far to walk in the time. I did wonder what sort of a sight I cut, racing along the dirt roads on the quad bike, clothed in my Sunday best, complete with beret!  I was glad there were no photographers along the route!  Of course, at the meeting there is always a flock of children who love to sing the choruses and listen well to the message.  Last week we had a  short message especially for them.   Chris, our pilot, spoke to them and taught them Romans 3 v 23 as a memory verse.  

DV I am planning to visit Chavuma for a few days at the end of the month.  This past week we have been busy with the visit of the plastic surgery team and the (even busier) orthopaedic visit is still pending for next week.   The Congolese doctor at Chavuma, a believer in assembly fellowship, was called home very suddenly a few weeks ago and the two Japanese missionary nurses are left to hold the fort. Please remember Tamako and Ayumi in your prayers.  I would like to give them some support, at least with their medical patients, a significant proportion of whom stream across the near-by border from Angola.  I also hope to visit Loloma again before I head back to UK at the end of August.

Please remember the work here.  The camps will soon be starting; they provide a great opportunity to get young people under the sound of the Gospel.  Also pray for the medical work as the team is quite depleted and there will be more pressure on those of us who share the on-call rota after  Alison and Chris Brundage leave early next week.  Pray too for us  that time spent with the Lord will be refreshing and strengthening for the task He has given.  He is faithful.

But my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.’ Phil 4 v 19

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