Urgent Zambia Update – Covid-19

Posted on 23/03/2020

Please pray for Dr Ros Jefferson in Zambia

Last week Ros told us:

“When the virus comes here it will be devastating…. very difficult to institute control measures. Flight options will decrease with time too…. basically, could get to Lusaka Saturday pm but then don’t know about flights to London, though it might be easier in person than on line. Don’t want to be stranded in Lusaka…. realise quarantine will apply for extended period…..”

This morning (23rd March) Ros updated us with “We are not flying (back to the UK).  I am the most at peace as I have been for several days.  We prayed that if we weren’t meant to fly, the Lord would close the door very firmly and He has. The girls at check-in were amazing. They worked for around 1h to try and get us through with certainty, but Dubai London flight cancelled and there is risk of getting stuck en-route which is worse than returning to Chit.”

Later today we received this from Ros.

“We are still in Lusaka and plan to fly to Chit on Wednesday. Joey Speichinger one of the other workers from Chit is trying to get to his wife and family who are in N Ireland.  He has had INR flight cancelled and has a booking with Ethiopian for tomorrow. We will need to wait to see if he gets off before leaving for ‘home’ as he may need to return with us. We had further confirmation from the Lord that it was right to stay later today when we went to the Emirates office to see about a refund – the Joburg Dubai flight was also cancelled. How we thanked the Lord for His preserving care!
We have some shopping to do before heading back as well.
Praying for you all as I hear the situation back home is getting worse.”


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