Remembrance Day – Remember Jesus Christ

Posted on 08/11/2020

Quoting from Isaac Ewan's poem "Out where the Big Guns Boom" Dan Rudge tells us we should "remember Jesus Christ".

Dan Rudge quotes two verses from a poem written by Scottish poet Isaac Ewan from the battle lines of the Somme (WW1):
Out Where the Big Guns Boom.
I have a charm for each alarm
Out where the big guns boom,
When the shadows fall like a closing pall [cloth to spread over a coffin, grave]
Over a yawning tomb;
‘Tis my Saviour dear who whispers cheer
When near the death clouds loom,
And I must stand true as He’d have me do
Out where the big guns boom.
I think of blood poured forth in flood
To save my soul from doom,
And I sleep at peace on my old valise [small piece of luggage]
Out where the big guns boom;
For well I know, in weal [well-being, prosperity] or woe,
My Lord will see me through,
Let me just stand fast while the storm will last,
And do as He’d have me do.
He then draws on the poem to learn vital lessons from the Bible.

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