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The last week at Chitokoloki sped by all too quickly.  Tanis and I came back from Sakeji on the Monday.  We travelled via Solwezi where I had my first visit to a supermarket for 6 weeks and also stopped briefly at Loloma to enjoy a short time of fellowship over supper with Marian Ronald and Daisy Hanna (missionary ladies from Canada who have served the Lord in Zambia for many years).  Thereafter it was back to the wards.  I arranged Mbuya’s discharge together with his PET wheelchair. No problem about getting home as he lives at Dipalata and Jeff Speichinger will happily take him. Wana (see last posting) also lives in Dipalata so he too will have good monitoring of his progress.

During the last two weeks of August we had visitors from Annalong, N Ireland - Mark and Lisa McBrian and their two little boys, James and Samuel.  They were out for 2 weeks visiting David and Lorraine McAdam and managed to get a good flavour of many aspects of the work here. Both are nurses and so were very useful in the hospital.  The boys enjoyed playing around the mission and especially in the swimming pool when it was opened last weekend.

At the weekend Jennelle Speichinger and I co-hosted a get-together for all the missionary workers at Chit and Dipalata.  I counted 27 people in total including visitors and there were no absentees.  I was particularly pleased to have the chance to catch up with Betty McGennis from Dipalata who has been home in NI over the summer for medical treatment and who had returned to Zambia just the week before.  We had a great time of food and fellowship.  Jeff kindly did the necessary chauffeuring of my two patients back home. It was very funny.  He collected them from the hospital, PET wheelchair and all, and then came back to my place.  I opened the back of the vehicle and peered into the darkness, seeing nothing but hearing an excited voice saying, ‘Rozi, Rozi, Bye!’ It was Mbuya.  I missed him on the Monday when I had to carry 7 baby bundles to maternity – his cart would have been very useful!  DV I will visit him at home when I am next at Dipalata.

It was sad to say goodbye to everybody on the Monday –particularly to my little patients and their families. I have grown to know and love the long termers and their families very much.  On my last morning, while Chris the pilot was loading the Chit plane ready for the flight to Lusaka I found myself on the ward at 07.00h trying out a newly-made special chair for a child with cerebral palsy (I suppose this is quite true to form for me – to squash everything in till the very last minute).  I left the ward, telling everyone to come and see me in January and heard their warm response ‘ku January’.  The thought of a further visit softens the parting. Many of my little friends will not be there – most will have gone home to their villages; sadly, some will have died.  Please pray that they and their families will be touched by the Gospel and come to know the Saviour.  What a joy this would be down here and in heaven!

I am writing this from UK, having arrived home last Wednesday. The journey went well – I travelled with the McBrians on the little Chit plane as far as Lusaka, but then our ways parted. I travelled via Johannesburg and on to London where my good friend Jessica Liddle met me and whisked me back to Woking to collect my car.  I am still catching up with everything at home!

This will be my last blog posting until January when DV I hope to return for a further 3 months visit to Chitokoloki.

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