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Zambia News - Ros Jeffersons's Blog 4: Early days at Chitokoloki (late July)

Note: This posting was written in late July; the delay in circulating it can be attributed to the holiday period in UK

It feels like a lot has happened since my last posting. I can hardly believe that I have reached the half way point of my visit already and that I will be heading back to UK in 4 weeks time.  It will be hard to leave and I am already looking forward to another visit early in 2015 DV.

I have had 2 Lord’s days at Chitokoloki now.  The meetings are all in Lunda except the Sunday afternoon English Gospel meeting which Shawn and Rhonda Markle run.  Hymns are OK as the language is written phonetically and many tunes are familiar – just that the African harmony is unique.  There is the breaking of Bread first at 09.00 followed by ministry, then a short break and the preaching of the Gospel.  The hall is usually quite full for the latter but folk drift in at various times.  In the afternoon the Markles, accompanied by some of the local brethren,  visit several of the local villages to hold meetings there. I was able to join them on my first Lord’s Day.  We all sat on a grass mat on the sand while the brethren had chairs– you should hear the children sing!  The second week there was a very sick child in the hospital so I didn’t make it and now we are moving into the school holidays and camp season with no further village meetings until September.  

The English Gospel meeting is at 17.00h and we invite any English speakers from the hospital (carers or relatively well patients) to attend.  Some promise and don’t come (just like UK) , but others do and they hear the Gospel clearly preached.  It would be so good to see some fruit from this work.

On Lord’s Day evenings there is usually a missionary get-together with singing, ministry etc and supper. The venue moves from week to week and last night all the folk came here (so you will see that I am just as busy as at home!).

Last week we had a visit from Earl Ritchie (Vancouver, Canada). He is over in Zambia at the moment with 2 of his grandsons.  They had been to the Victoria Falls and then at Loloma for about a week, but the boys have now moved up here for the rest of their visit. Earl spoke at the Wednesday pm ministry meeting in the assembly from Isaiah 42.  He returned to Loloma that evening as he was to speak at a camp at the weekend.  

On Saturday we had a visit from the Speichingers (US missionaries) from Dipalata.  We walked down to Chitokoloki sands, by the river in the afternoon, a motley crew we were as any ambulant patient from the hospital joined us, and some even joined in the volleyball!!  No going too near the river as there are many crocs.  All the non-patients went to the McAdams for supper and fellowship – a really great day. I hope to see the Speichingers again this weekend as I am going over to Dipalata to stay with them.  Am looking forward to it very much.

Have been looking at seating and wheelchairs today to see what I can organise for some of the disabled children on the ward. One little girl is anything but impressed with her new seat, but once the tray is fitted I will try and distract her with some bubbles. With time she will come to accept it and it will be very helpful for her.  I am also looking at a PET wheel chair for another child (it is operated like a bicycle with a chain but you operate the ‘pedals’ with your hands rather than your feet) – the only way to move it from A to B is to ride it yourself…..

We must never forget that we are here as testimonies to the Lord Jesus.  There are many opportunities to give out gospel tracts – in the local languages and in Portuguese (we have a number of patients who come across the border from Angola).  The folk around read our lives as well as hear our words – how we need to be consistent and to leave an impression of Christ behind after our contacts.  Do please pray that this will be the case.

A few of the folk at the village meeting.

Toasting marshmallows with McKenzie Markle

Typical sunset over the Zambezi river.

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