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Zambia News - Saturday Evening in Chit (August 2017)

It is Saturday evening here and I am enjoying a little relaxation in a comfortable arm chair.  I have just put down my book to at least start the next instalment of my blog.  I am afraid that the photos will be far fewer this time.  The one on the right above was taken when I went on an ambulance call to Mpidi clinic, a one hour drive on dirt roads through remote villages in the bush.

 In a little while I must prepare for the responsibilities of tomorrow – the remembrance of the Lord Jesus in the breaking of the bread.  It is the camp season so both the village work and the English Gospel meeting are in abeyance.  Boys camps took place last week; this weekend is junor girls and later in the week is ‘College camp’ for young people who have left school. Tim Beer from Loloma is to speak at the latter DV.

At the moment I am re-reading (after a long time) ‘The Triumph of John and Betty Stam’, two young American missionaries who were cruelly killed in China in the Communist uprising in 1934.  I was inspired to read the book again during the tent meetings at Bicester back in June when Gene Higgins used their story in presenting the Gospel one evening.  This young couple were completely consecrated to the Lord, seeking only His will for their lives whatever the cost.  The Lord brought them together and prepared them for their service, which though brief in human terms was a great testimony to their Saviour and His all-sufficiency in all things.  What examples they set of lives dedicated and lived out for the Savoiur! What a desire was theirs to see the Gospel go forward and souls get saved in the land of China!  ‘Whose faith follow’, indeed.

It is now more than a week since Sarah left Chit.  The house seemed rather empty at first, but I have now returned to my normal routine.  Sarah and her university friends have been at the Victoria Falls all week and by all accounts have had a great time.  They will be back in Lusaka now and head home to UK tomorrow night DV.

We are a very small team at the moment.  Joey and Kait Speichinger and Keith and Gayle Bailey have all headed off to Ireland for Chris Brundage’s wedding to Alison Bell in Newcastle Co Down next Thursday.  Lorraine McAdam in still in NI while David is over here.  The Hannas are away in Canada, and have been for most of the summer.  We feel a rather select company who are keeping the place running!! The hospital keeps busy with female ward overflowing to the corridor (!) and long lines of out-patients in clinics.  Great opportunities for spreading the Gospel.

I visited Eddie out in the village earlier today. It was good to see him at the meetings last Lord’s Day – he has not been out for some time.  In  addition to allowing him to call his sister in Lusaka, we spoke about God’s salvation, why it is ‘so great’ Hebrews 2 v 3 and the importance of not neglecting the opportunity God gives us to accept Christ and all that He has done on the cross.  For the past two weeks we have been joined by others from the village.  The young man last week listened carefully to what I said and then sked where his soul would be if he died that day.  While it seems this is not an uncommon question over here, it does give the opportunity to go over the Gospel message again.

Rodney and Margaret Strahan have just a few days left here.  While Rodney has been busy with radiology, Margaret has worked among the staff and English speaking patients with Bible study courses and verse memorisation, with many opportunities to present the Saviour.  She was speaking with a group of boys on my ward this morning, seeking to show them from the Scripture that they were sinners in need of God’s salvation.

DV I head out to Loloma next week  for a further short visit and to see patients.  Christina Gagnon is travelling back to Canada for a period and I will be driving her to Loloma as the first stage of her journey.  The Loloma folk also have a number of folk away, though it will be nice to catch up with Marian Ronald and Tim and Joy Beer again.

 Finally, just a few points for prayer and praise :-

Thanksgiving for the quick and efficient renewal of my work permit.  I heard this week from Philip  Grove in Chingola (he oversees all these matters for us) that he had collected the renewed permit from Immigration barely one month after it had been submitted.   A vast contrast with my last renewal!

Pray for the young people who attend the camps, that they will be challenged by the Gospel and come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus.  Pray for the speakers that they will be faithful in their presentation of the Gospel.

Pray for safety in travel on the Zambian roads – not too much other traffic but many other potential dangers.

‘The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much’ James 5 v 16

Travelling Zambian style