Wallingford Christian Assembly

It is Friday night and I am not long back from the Bible study at the girls’ hostel.  Tonight we were looking at sin – what it is, its origins, results, penalty, as well as God’s remedy in the death of the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary, so that eternal life is His gift to those who come to Him in faith and receive the Lord Jesus as their Saviour.  The girls listened well and made good efforts to answer the questions.  Between arriving home and writing this blog posting I also prepared pawpaw for breakfast tomorrow – pawpaws are plenteous from the trees in the garden and are delicious with lemon juice (home-grown lemons as well) and yoghurt.

Since I last wrote we have had the homecall of our sister Grace Croudace on 19 September. She never regained consciousness after her stroke and her passing was peaceful.  The Lord’s hand was in it all – she went home on the day her husband had most support from extended family.  Although not unexpected, Grace’s passing brought an air of sadness to the hospital for a while. How good to remember that,  ‘We sorrow not even as others which have no hope’ and there is a great reunion which is not far away when we all meet the Saviour face to face.  The funeral took place just 3 days later at Chavuma, where she had been brought up by her missionary parents.  A large company gathered to pay their respects and the service was a great testimony to the Lord and a life lived for His glory.  Please remember brother David Croudace in your prayers as he adjusts to a very different stage in life.   I did not attend the funeral as I was one of the group who stayed back at Chit to man the hospital – it was the bi-monthly orthopaedic clinic which is always a very busy day with patients coming from far and near.

We also had a 10 day visit from a surgeon from Glasgow who had been teaching in Lusaka and then completed his time in Zambia with a trip up country.  He and Dr David had a veritable surgical marathon, interrupted only by the orthopaedic team’s use of theatres on the last day of his visit.

My time at Chit has been punctuated by a very brief trip home to UK – just for one week.  I was overdue a medical appraisal before I left UK in August and it was not possible to arrange it speedily.  On my way out of Zambia I was able to spend a short, but very special time with my good friends the Simonyi-Gindeles from Angola who were in Lusaka for a break.  The appraisal went well and I was back out to Zambia 2 days later. I had a couple of nights in Lusaka on the way back so was able to enjoy fellowship with the believers at the Great East Road assembly on the Lord’s Day.  I was also able to meet up with Julie Frank and Rebekah Flynn from Loloma at the ‘Flight House’ (the guest house in Lusaka which we commonly use) – they were also in Lusaka on their way up country after Gospel outreach in Namibia. Apparently the mothers of children with cerebral palsy at Dipalata were most disappointed that I was not in clinic there on the Monday when I was in UK – I must ensure that I go there this month with Dr MacAdam.

Simonyi-Gindele family at one of Lusaka’s shopping malls. Please pray for them and for the Lord’s work in Angola.

Since coming back I have finished making Eddie’s new seat.  Brown paper is virtually non-existent out here – plastic bags are still the rule – so I had to bring some from home. The finished seat is really very robust so once it is varnished to protect it from water it should stand up well to village life.  Eddie is waiting expectantly for it.  Whenever I visit him on a Saturday afternoon, he asks where I have been reading – meaning what have I been reading from the Bible. I often share with him what I have spoken on at the girls’ dorm on the Friday night, and his face lights up as he listens.

The next stage in Eddie’s seat

The weather is hot – although earlier in the week we did have a thunder storm – a reminder that the rains are on their way, even if they haven’t arrived yet.  I haven’t yet been to the swimming pool – perhaps tomorrow afternoon will be a good time for a cool-off.

Not long until my visitor arrives – on 27 October I am expecting Elizabeth Whitmore from the Leven assembly to visit for 3 weeks.  I am looking forward to having her company and introducing her to life here at Chitokoloki.  DV we will travel back to UK together at the end of her stay.

My final photo shows Precious, one of the little premature babies we have been looking after on the maternity ward for the past 6 weeks. She is such a little character and has done really well gaining weight rapidly, so that she is almost ready for home. Her mother had advanced cancer and, sadly, passed away while I was in UK. I spoke to her about the Gospel not long before the baby was born but as far as I know she did not respond and subsequently became too unwell.  The mother’s sister has been caring for Precious (a very appropriate name) ever since she was born and other family members are also very caring so she will have a good home. She is almost ready for discharge now.

Thank you so much for your prayers for me and for the work here.  How much we need them!  Please pray for the team of doctors and nurses here as we learn to depend on the Lord for each day and to live Christ before patients and staff.

Zambia News - Eddie's seat finished (7/10/2016)