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Zambia News - Back at Chit (28/03/2016)

I have been back in Zambia for more than 2 weeks and it is Easter weekend at Chitokoloki.  I can’t say that it feels very like Easter – especially when Christmas cards arrive on Good Friday – and the hospital continues as usual.  What’s more, the school term continues for 2 more weeks, though obviously the pupils have a couple of days off over the holiday. This meant that Bible class in the girls’ dorm continued as usual on Friday.  There was a meeting in the morning which, sadly, I did not make as I was on call and at the hospital.

I flew out on 9 March, once again, and had company for half of the journey as I met up with Esther Wright, a dietician from Lurgan, at my brief stopover in Dubai.  Esther Westwood, a medical student from Nottingham, who is out here for her elective, arrived in Lusaka a day later than us and we all three flew up to Chit that weekend.  We moved into the Annex where I have stayed previously a couple of days after our arrival and are now well into the swing of things.  It is nice to have company.  Esther Wright is a great help with the malnourished children on the ward.  Esther Westwood is making the most of her time and gaining a lot of medical experience. Both Esthers are here for 5 weeks.

One of my first tasks was particularly pleasant – I visited Boston and Lydia Mbilikita and their new baby daughter, Wana, who was just one week old. I had to do the baby check – happily all was well – and then enjoyed a cuddle.  She is very cute as you will see from the photos.  Boston and Lydia were married almost 12 months ago and are in fellowship in the local assembly. Boston is a good help in the Lord’s work in the area and is involved in social work at the hospital.  The first picture shows Wana and her mother. The second picture  is Dr Ros in the middle of the baby check job.


There have been quite a number of visitors at Chit over recent weeks, though the well-drilling and electrical teams have already left, and numbers are dwindling.  Several other folk are travelling over the next couple of weeks so that the team will be quite depleted for the month of April. It is good to have Rachel Deyermond here; she is an anaesthetist from N Ireland who visits regularly. Her presence means that our surgical patients get a full general anaesthetic and it is also good to have her help with resuscitations – of which we seem to have had quite a few!

I have caught up with my friend Eddie who has cerebral palsy. He comes to the meetings on the Lord’s Day and I also visit him in the village each week. At my last visit I was helping the village folk strip the maize from the cobs – once it has dried, it will be ground at the hammer mill to make flour for nshima.  He desperately needs a new seat in his chair.  I had wondered if we might be able to use a standard ‘booster’ seat, but it looks like any that are available are too wide to fit in the frame of his present chair, and I don’t want to change the latter as it works well for him.  We were able to meet up with his sister again while we were in Lusaka and also had the opportunity to share our testimonies with her.  I spoke a little with Eddie about the meaning of Easter and why the Lord Jesus had to die on the cross.

Left to right: Emily (Eddie’s sister), Esther Westwood, Esther Wright in Lusaka

The village Gospel meetings on a Lord’s Day afternoon finished last week. Shawn and Rhonda Markle are going back to Canada for a 5 month furlough in early April, so village meetings will not resume till September.  The English Gospel meeting will continue, however. It was very encouraging last Lord’s Day after Shawn had spoken from Isaiah 53, when a man, a patient from the ward, stayed behind to talk with him and professed to trust the Saviour.  Pray for Percy, that he will go on to prove the genuineness of his profession and live for the Lord. He is from the Loloma area so the believers there will follow him up.

This week was sad for one of our staff members, Fred Muyombo who works in X-ray and also on the wards. His mother was admitted over the weekend very sick and on Tuesday she passed away.  She was a believer so her eternal future is secure – she is in heaven with the Saviour.  In the evening several of us went to the wake in Fred’s garden as an expression of sympathy with the family.  There was a huge tarpaulin mounted on sticks under which we sheltered, along with a good crowd of others who had gathered, many of whom would stay throughout the night.  During our (short) stay we chatted with family members, then all gathered sang some hymns, and one of the local brethren prayed.  The funeral took place the following day – burials are quick over here.  Fred is an elder in the little assembly at Myengu, about 5km from Chit and one of his daughters is house mother at the girls’ hostel at Chit with which Keith and Gayle Bailey are associated. Pray for the family in their loss, that they will know the Lord’s comfort.

Tonight the girls are out so I am at home alone.  I have a few preparations for tomorrow, the Lord’s Day, but I  am enjoying spending some time thinking about the Lord and His sufferings at Calvary.  Men gave Him a cross – God allowed this in order that in His death the Lord Jesus might bear the punishment for our sins. God raised Him from among the dead, a proof that His atoning work has been accepted, and has given Him a throne. One day every knee will bow to Him and every tongue will own Him Lord. He will be the object of our worship throughout eternity when we will realise fully the price He paid and the depths of His love for us.