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Listed below are the special events / meetings that we held in 2005.(Note - where the subject is preceded by the speaker symbol, you can  listen to it in MP3 format. Click on the message or right-click / “copy shortcut” and paste link directly into a media player. Alternatively to save a message to your hard-disk, right click and select "Save target as..."  To access archives of past Meetings click on the following links : 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2000.

Special Events & MP3 audio Messages for 2005

Annual Conference

Monday 2nd May

3.0/6.0 pm

John Scarsbrooke,

Archie Carew

Ministry Meetings – Three Temples in Scripture

Tuesday 3rd- Thursday 5th May


Jim Baker

Temples: Solomon's,  Zerubbabel's ,  Antichrist's

Creation Lectures : "Evolution - A Theory in Crisis"

Friday 13th, 20th, 27th May


Michael Penfold

1. Scientific Bankruptcy of Darwinian Evolution (13/05), PPT1,2. The Philosophical Bankruptcy of Darwinian Evolution (20/05), PPT2, 3.The Biblical creation alternative & its implications (27/05), PPT3 (Click the PPT links to download the PowerPoint file)

Venue: Centre 70, Goldsmiths Lane, Wallingford.

Ministry Meetings – Christ in the Pentateuch

Sunday 19th - Thursday 23rd June


John Grant

 Genesis 22 - Abraham & Isaac, Exodus 12 - The Passover , Leviticus 16 - Day of Atonement, Numbers 19 - Red Heifer

Gospel Meetings

Sunday 11th - 18th September


Blair Martin

Ministry Meetings – Millennial Temple (Ezekiel 40 – 48)

November 20th – 24th


John Stubbs

  Ezekiel 40-42, Ezekiel 43 v1-9, Ezekiel 43 v10-27, Ezekiel 44, Ezekiel 45-46, Ezekiel 47-48,

  Click here to view the chart that Mr Stubbs used during the series of meetings. (MS Word – 2MB)