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General Subjects

Marriage & the Family - John Grant gave a series of messages on this vitally important subject.

(Nov 2008)

1. Introduction to Marriage.

2. Husbands and Wives.

3. How shall we order the child?

4. Marriage difficulties

5. Keeping love alive.

1. Christian and faith (KR)

2. Christian and Lord (JH)

3. Christian and morals (JH)

4. Christian and enemies (JH)

5. Christian and prayer-life (JH)

6. Christian and the Church (JH).

Christian Living - Jack Hay and Ken Rudge preached on this challenging subject.

(May 2007)

Temples of the Bible - A three night series, on some of the Temple's seen in scripture, with Jim Baker.

(May 2005)

1. Solomon's

2. Zerubbabel's

3. Antichrist's

Characteristics of the Man of God

Blair Martin spoke on the characteristics of various Men of God in the Bible. (May 2009).

1. Moses the man of God - Intercession

2. David the man of God - Consecration

Annual Conference 2010

A number of messages, given to challenge, encourage and equip the Christian.

(May 2010).

1. “Reports” on our Christian Life from scripture (T. Meekin).

2. Spiritual Guidance, in contrast to GPS/Sat Nav (T. Meekin)

3. Glorying in the Cross from Galatians 6v14 (ANO)

4. Eternal Preeminence of Christ, using word “before”

5. Lessons from the life of the apostle Andrew (T. Meekin)

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Prophetic truth - vitally important teaching on two future events.

(May 2015)

1. The Rapture

2. Christ's appearing in glory

Annual Conference 2009

Various extremely thought provoking and practical subjects. Blair Martin and Colin Hutchison. (May 2009).

1. The need for Spiritual cleansing, particularly in relation to ecclesiastical separation (Colin Hutchison)

2. Christ the unfading foundation of the Church. In contrast to fading past glories. (Colin Hutchison)

3. The Glory  of the Transfiguration of the Lord Jesus Christ. (Blair Martin)

3. Elijah the man of God - Fearlessness

4. Timothy the man of God - Faithfulness

Michael Penfold took a simple yet insightful series of meetings on God's Plan for the Ages (September 2016)

1. Ages and Dispensations

2. The 7 Covenants.

3. Israel, The Church and The Nations

4. Future Events

1. Chart

2. Chart

3. Chart