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Evangelism and Apologetic messages

Answers to important spiritual questions. A, series of simple, thought-provoking messages on the Biblical gospel from Paul McCauley (Wallingford, November 2016)

Can we trust the Bible?

Who did Jesus think He was?

What's so good about Friday?

The Easter Rising

Hell. Is it there? Is it fair?

What good are good works?

What is faith?

Is the narrow way narrow minded?

What's so amazing about grace?

Life's Big Questions - Blair Martin preached the gospel around some of life's Big Questions

(Wallingford, September 2013)

Money? What it can't buy

Fulfilment? All you need is God's love

Decision? What have you decided about Jesus Christ?

Destiny? Is there life after death?

Apologetics - Ian Jackson dealt with a number of common concerns people raise about the Christian Gospel (Didcot, Autumn 2006)

Can an intelligent person believe in God?

Can we trust the Bible?

What are the consequences of atheism?

Is Jesus Christ relevant to modern people?

Does it matter how I live?

Where is the world heading?

Is there more to life than this?

The Second Coming: myth or reality?

Can we really find peace?

What if death is not the end?

Michael Penfold

May 2005

Scientific Bankruptcy of Darwinian Evolution


Michael Penfold

May 2005

The Philosophical Bankruptcy of Darwinian Evolution


Michael Penfold

May 2005

The Biblical creation alternative & its implications


Roly Pickering

Sep 2010

Forgiveness of sin

Roly Pickering

Sep 2010


Norman Mellish

Feb 2009

New life in Christ

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