Wallingford Christian Assembly

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Events from 2015:

Annual Report Day - Sunday 1st March:

Young Peoples' Day in Association with Friday Focus : March 7th - Iain Lewis

Annual Conference / Mayday Meetings

Monday 4th May @ 3.00pm and 6.00pm (Daniel Voisey and Jack Hay)

Tuesday 5th - Wednesday 6th May @ 7.45pm (Jack Hay)

Annual Fellowship Day - Saturday 27th June

Autumn Evanglistic Outreach Meetings / Bible Exhibition- Sunday 20th September - Friday 2nd October- Jonathan Black

Autumn Ministry Series : Monday 16th - Thursday 19th November - Daniel Rudge

Friends & Neighbours Tea's - Quarterly, dates to be announced

Coffee Mornings - Usually held on third Tuesday of each month.

Sunday School Christmas Story - 13th December @ 12pm

Carol Service - 20th December @ 5pm

For more information, click on the calendar below. (Click the Agenda tab to change the view)

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